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 If you think someone you know may be living with domestic violence or abuse, the most powerful tool you can give that person is information.
  • You may not understand why she stays in the relationship and you may feel you should 'rescue' her from the abuse. This isn't helpful.             
  • If she has a telephone number she can call for help - she'll do so when she's ready. Pass on the Women's Aid Federation of England helpline number or our phone number if she lives locally. 
  • Don't try to negotiate with her partner on her behalf as this can make things much worse for her at home.
If you're an employer, be aware that some of your female employees will be living in abusive relationships.
  • Make sure that posters and information about domestic violence and abuse services are on display, particularly in the women's toilets and rest rooms.
  • When a woman has disclosed that she is living in an abusive relationship, respect her confidentiality - it takes courage for women to speak about their abuse and ask for help.
  • If a woman needs time off during the day to attend appointments or seek help don't penalise her for this. 
  • If a woman is planning to leave your area in order to be safe  offer her a transfer to another branch if you can.
  • Make it clear to all employees that violent and abusive behaviour is not acceptable - wherever it occurs. 
If you're a professional, be aware that any of the women you encounter in your work may be living in an abusive relationship.
  • Give them the opportunity to disclose this to you by insisting on seeing them without their partner. 
  • If a woman discloses domestic violence or abuse, assure her of your confidentiality but make clear any limits to this (for example: in relation to children). 
  • Make it clear that you know the abuse is not her fault.
  • Always document any evidence of violence or abuse and its effects as this will help in any court proceedings or housing applications.
  • Have posters and information about domestic violence services on display in public areas. 
  • Have useful telephone numbers handy to give out including: your local Women's Aid group, Local Authority Housing Needs Section, Shelter, Citizens Advice Bureau and Domestic Violence Liaison Officer. Some women may ask you to make the call for them and others may not. Either way, they should have the numbers themselves. 

                                                   We can all
    do something to help stop domestic violence.

As part of our commitment to developing awareness and good practise in the field of domestic violence and abuse Welwyn Hatfield Women's Refuge can offer training and information sessions to both statutory and voluntary organisations or groups. These sessions can be tailored to suit your needs or be general awareness-raising sessions.
Statutory agencies are charged for this service - most voluntary agencies usually make a donation. If you would like to know more about the training we can offer your organisation please contact us.